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The fruit of your luring Rhythmic pulse Pendulous in passion’s heaving Consummate potion beyond mortal grasp weightless defiant dangling Blood tinged gauntlet tossed keenly atop fiery furnace Left to smolder exquisite for foe most worthy       Advertisements

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Shadowed Secrets

Eyes of the unfeigned Doe-like in sinless wonder Trusting in lucid glow Drawn as moths Paper wings defiant Absorbed by lust Lost babes in dark forest In search of warm harbor Oblivious of passion’s web   Tallowed seductress Keeper of … Continue reading

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Black Moon

original art and photography by Ginny Benton   They were wedded in the fall under a black moon Joined in rare moment of one accord Snarling rite of seething union Boiling cauldron of spare parts Ripped jagged and tossed together … Continue reading

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The P Word (Revisited)

Today’s prompt reminded me of a piece I wrote a couple of years back. I decided to dust it off and re-post since the word’s overuse still makes me cringe. Please excuse my lack of creativity on this lazy day … Continue reading

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The Weight

Fitful sleep, evil bastard, You piss the night away, Dancing and whoring, With the ghosts of days gone by.   Sweet dreams, cruel tormentor, You gesticulate with open arms,  Seducing heightened senses, With fruits held safe from starving lips.   … Continue reading

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  Raindrops, scented with lilac, glide down those soft brown curls, Hazel eyes flicker to the throb of distant drums. Sunlight peeks through your cotton dress, revealing slender curves. You dance with ease, swaying, turning, twirling, I slip away, lost in your love song. Dance … Continue reading

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The “P” Word

Every now and again, (ok frequently) I get annoyed when I hear a simple word abused and overused to the point of losing all its significance or meaning.  Currently, the number one word on my shit-list is Passion.  Yes, this perfectly … Continue reading

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