Last Call

bloody applephoto from


Careless entrail

strewn from forest branch

claret ooze

lies rusting in dawn’s lustre

spattered trail

of blood sated footprints

lead to sub terrestrial altar

safe from love’s harsh glare



pallid patron of time worn song

baleful balladeer

hides in shadow of moon lit stage

chanting daemon verses

strumming lust from hearts languid

tender bonne bouche

starved for death’s cold steel


Each night the chosen waits

breasts heaving in sheer ruffle

at back stage door

sanguine souls of fate’s exception

innocent but for want of pleasure

beguiled by siren song

they dance down forest path

hand in hand with their maker

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evil shylock

lustful lender of lies

masked predator

merchant of illusion

hero to those of tender age


rife of supple flesh

restless they shuffle

in queue



Fast Forward…


Duped by cryptic mirror

held firm in time’s grasp

minions once ardent

regaled in gleaming armor

of false reflection

march in faulting step

cracked and leathered

by the midday sun

spent and disillusioned

break rank and look homeward



peaceful in the feathered gasp of sunset

at rest among the peaty moors of blood’s calling

at last can own youth’s folly

veterans of marathon

affirmed by unfeigned image

adrift in the brackish waters of mind’s musing

make amends with evil merchant

and flaunt their jagged scars


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The Swarm

Frozen frame

forever graven

enshrined to sacred memory box

marched out on moonless night

held tight for breathless moment

released for want of air

Your lips

parted in mute dismay

Your eyes

pleading absolution

Your hands

a lingering ache

wrenched timeless from my own


I withered impotent

as the swarm swept you away

mired in sand I watched

a rising star

caught in neon glare

swept to hungry sea

devoured by frenzied feeders

a feeble wave

an awkward blown kiss

tearful tokens

lingering traces

of the girl next door


Keyword: Swarm

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I, alone

awash in amber glow

safe from weight of rhythm

shed my leprous skin


once vivid

now vague umbrage

tucked away in unmarked box


I, alone

at peace with self

contrition’s claws

worn thin at welded root

groan like March ice

sweet release of Winter’s burden


Grief bent heart

break faith with solemn vow

race free to Flora’s gathering

bask in the blush

ignite the crimson pyre

dance ‘neath glaring moon

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Parlay [sic] Vous

Take a gamble on me my dear

What do you have to lose?

What’s that you say?


Yes, there’s that


What are the odds of that?


You have a point


Look what we have to gain!

Throw the dice

You have such lovely hands

Odds are two to one

You know, my dear

We make a grand parlay

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See Me


photo and original jewelry by Ginny Benton


See behind my eyes

burnt umber

seared by dire image

flecked with stale spark

roiled by cloven bellow


Hear truth in my weathered words

languishing lyric

diaphanous in daylight

vaporous on moonless night

bereft of ardent ear


Touch the scars within my soul

oblique vestige

blood starved sepulcher

starved of redress

in desperate want of soothing knead


Smell the fear that mires my core

jaded fortress

anchored firm against red tide

dank remembrance

of Venus rising


Taste the love upon my lips

indulge my ardor

feast on riches locked away

buried safe ‘neath loamy soil

lying patient for light of day

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Did you know desire’s a terrible thing

It makes the world go blind

But if desire, desire’s a terrible thing

You know that I really don’t mind

David Gavurin/Harriet Wheeler


What mystic potion desire?

Stirred or shaken?

Bittersweet liquor

divined from holy water

distilled by separation

roused by flurried senses

I long for your essence

thirst for your touch

crave the fruit of your creation


don’t let me feast alone

Keyword: Desire

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