Look closely you will see her

Woven in shadow

Spinning lies on golden wheel

Plying prey with toxic charm


Huntress of largess

Seeker of servants

Lost in mirrored hall

Devoid of remembrance

Barren by selfish choice

Worn thin by shifting sand

Look closer my friends

Look between the lines

Behind the purple veil

As a whisp of acrid smoke

Curling upward in a trail

Leaving nothing behind

But bitter memory

About Phil

Hi, my name is Phil. I’ve managed to escape the corporate world, rid myself of excess belongings, travel the country extensively in my old Winnebago, and find a new home on a beautiful barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico. I define myself as: a free spirit, a writer, a philosophical anarchist, a poet; a lover of nature, a lover of art, a protector of animals, as well as a devoted friend and partner
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