Catching Up With World’s Most Interesting Man: In Sochi?

the-most-interesting-man-world-quotes-video-policymic-59042WMIM with friends at a Sochi night spot.

During his coverage of the Winter Games, T.A.I.’s correspondent, P.B. Livs recently caught up with the World’s Most Interesting Man, Ernesto Lamas  in Sochi.  Ernesto’s appearance in Sochi created  quite a buzz about the Black Sea resort town.  Always flanked by an entourage of adoring fans, most of them Olympic athletes, his appearances at events have drawn as much attention as the actual competitions.  Many  high-profile female athletes have been seen on his arm at various nightspots near the Olympic Village.  Our correspondent sat down with him at one of these upscale watering holes where Mr. Lamas was gracious enough to answer a few questions.

PB:  Mr. Lamas, thanks for speaking with me.  Have you always been a fan of the Winter Games?

EL:  No, actually I find them to be a waste of time.  My friend Vladimir asked me here to consult with him on a few issues.

PB:  Vladimir Putin?

EL:  Who?  No, no Vladimir Stochnaya, a local restaurateur requires my input on some new menu items.  I don’t know this Putin you speak of.

PB:  What are your thoughts about Mexico’s skier Prince Hubertus von Hoenlohe? He’s being called The Most Interesting Man at the Sochi Olympics?

EL:  Who? I’m sorry my friend, I don’t know this Prince you speak of.  

PB:  You were spotted at the Men’s Half-Pipe Event .  Are you familiar with snowboarding?

EL:  [chuckles]  This half-pipe as you call it… It looks like skiing in a ditch.  I really did not understand it.  Why would one want to slide in a ditch.  I don’t ski a lot.  But when I do, I scale a tall mountain and ski down it.  I find this to be infinitely more entertaining.

PB:  I’ve read that you do enjoy the sport of Curling.  Did you attend any of the matches this week?

EL:  I do not understand the way these teams curl.  I prefer to use the over-hand method.

PB:  I’m told that you are so well-known that on every continent in the world, there’s  a sandwich named after you. Is that true?

EL:  Of course not.  There are no restaurants on the Continent of Antarctica.

PB:  If you were an Olympian, what would your sport be?

EL:  Bullfighting

PB:  That’s not an Olympic sport.

EL:  But understand my friend, if I was an Olympian, it would be.

PB:  Speaking of bulls, I  assume you will be in Pamplona this summer for the annual event?

EL:  Oh yes.  I’m afraid the bulls have become a bit spoiled.  They refuse to run unless I tell them to.

PB:  You’ve enjoyed an incredible life and your fame seems to be at an all time high these days.  Do you ever see yourself settling down somewhere away from the public eye?

EL:  I do not seek fame. Fame seems to stalk me.  Adventure is my lover and let it not be said I’m not her loyal servant.  It would not be possible to live vicariously through anyone else so I will press on.  What would I do if I settled down?  I have long since passed the point of no return…several times.

PB:  You are always in the company of beautiful women.  Ladies of all ages find you irresistible.  I’ve heard the secret to success with women is not being afraid to show one’s feminine side.  Do you agree with this?

EL:  I would never be afraid to show my feminine side…if I had one.

PB:  What are your plans after Sochi?

EL:  Prince Albert has invited me to Monaco to receive their Lifetime Achievement Award.  I will be leaving tomorrow.

PB:  That’s exciting. You must be involved with a number of charitable organizations in Monaco.

EL:  Actually no, I’ve not yet visited there.  I look forward to meeting them.

PB:  Well…I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me.  You are indeed the most interesting man I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.  Thank you so much.

EL:  Think nothing of it…stay thirsty my friend.


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