Honoring the Invisible Olympians: Spotlight on Hungary’s Anna Berecz


From Budapest, Hungary, Anna first tried skiing at the age of one and a half.  She has since made the most of her talents.  The sport of Alpine Skiing has afforded her many advantages one might not have hailing from a country roughly the size of Indiana.  Berecz, 25 has been a member of Hungary’s National Ski team since 2003.

After winning several alpine events in her home country as a teen, she qualified for the Hungarian Olympic Team in Vancouver, finishing a distant 27th in the Super Combined event.  Undetered by injuries in her early career and a less than stellar season in 2010, Anna parlayed her commitment to the sport into a scholarship to the University of Alaska.  Berecz is into her third year at UAA, earning the second highest National ranking on her team and being named to the Division I All Academic Team in 2012.

Anna’s respectable NCAA performance earned her the right to participate in the World University Games in 2013 where she placed 8th in her event and was the flag bearer for her native Hungary.  Representing Hungary for a second Olympic Winter Games, Anna finished a disappointing 35th at yesterday’s Womens Downhill event.  Despite this last place finish, Anna Berecz is a shining example of courage and commitment to all that would wish to succeed in life.

Congratulations Anna!


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