Super-Size Me


Yet another Super Sunday has come and gone, leaving us all with lingering images of clever ads designed to entice consumers while instilling a sense of pride in the privileged lifestyle we enjoy.  The party’s benevolent corporate hosts were even gracious enough to entertain their guests with a game of football in between the featured programming.

Based on today’s exhaustive media review, we are assured that the party was a success.  Twenty five million tweets provide the necessary proof that the hungry masses were sufficiently fed.  Fat and happy, we are now more than willing to rally behind our corporate master for another year, happily gobbling the crumbs that fall in the wake of the giants’ rumbling march.

Detractors of our country’s version of the “Hunger Games” are so easily dismissed as socialists, traitors, hippies,  or whatever derogatory term that conjures a negative image in the mind of hard working corporate soldiers.  After all, why would anyone find fault with a system that provides 275 million people the equal opportunity to eat Doritos, drink Budweiser, drive a Silverado, and walk around with a personal communication device that tells us where we can get more!  The benevolent giants are even nice enough to extend credit should we run out of green paper to perform our perfunctory purchasing duty.

At the risk of being labeled as unappreciative of our country’s corporate largess, I have nagging questions about the sustainability of the “corporate giveaway” we are so blessed with.  I worry about all the energy required to schlep products from coast to coast just so we can have the brand we’re supposed to buy.  I worry about all the local businesses that can’t compete with the friendly giants.  I worry about all the people that entrust their lives to the giants.  What if one day the giants die?  I worry about all those that invest in a free enterprise system, only to find out it’s not really free at all.

I guess it’s really silly to worry so much.  After all it only takes 15 minutes to save on car insurance, I live better with Wal Mart, new roads are to be found with Chevy, and when push comes to shove, this great country of ours is Ram Tough!  Whew!, I feel better already.  But, let me ask you dear reader.  What’s in your wallet?


About Phil

Hi, my name is Phil. I’ve managed to escape the corporate world, rid myself of excess belongings, travel the country extensively in my old Winnebago, and find a new home on a beautiful barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico. I define myself as: a free spirit, a writer, a philosophical anarchist, a poet; a lover of nature, a lover of art, a protector of animals, as well as a devoted friend and partner
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One Response to Super-Size Me

  1. Tara says:

    Right on, my friend. I am part of the problem (some parts of my job) and part of the solution (my career/calling within the context of my job, plus not owning a television, not eating at fast food restaurants, trying to consume fewer animals, living far below my means and encouraging others to do the same). You have reminded me that I need to step up my efforts.


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