The Space Between Us

Locked safe in the space between us

a stainless vault of desire

gleaming safehold

walls lined with steel resolve

hope’s fortress

love’s winter haven


A single key

gilded by mettle

worn as pendant

warmed by heaving heart

unlocks the sacred treasures

safe and secure

in the loving space between us



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Standing on tomorrow’s ledge


Aglow in blush of promise

Cleansed by tears of yore


Ablaze in ardor’s flush

Soothed by smiling sunrise

Wrapped tight in the arms of here and now

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Chapter One

Chapter One

I awoke to the promise of your smile

the hope of your touch

the echo of your voice


a lust for life anew

Let the day begin

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I played your guitar tonight

Katie tuned it after the thing

I’m like you

Can’t tune without a device


Thanks for the guitar


You gave it to me when mine was stuck in a blimp hanger

in Tillamook west by god Oregon


As I laid my head against the wood

I felt a calm

I heard the chord

My fingers danced in places they hadn’t been

I heard the song

Glad you’re here

weird man

really fuckin weirdET2

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I love you Blue

So very much

I’ll do my best

I hope it’s good enough


Goodness gracious

it’s gonna take me a while

to process this one

Give me a wink from time to time

I kind of like knowing you’re there

I love you



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Fly Free



My dear friend

My brother

Gone from this earth

But not lost to those who loved you

Fly free now

You will remain as a twinkle in my eye

Old blue loves you



Luck be a lady

or hapless vagabond

stars wished upon

vanish on tear stained path

burnished wings

glazed by sun’s orbit

in homeward flight

to honalee


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In my old chest a patchwork

not the comforting kind

made from hands long still

passed on to live in cedar sanctum


my patchwork a living trust

testament to breath of spirit

metronome of times marking

Once brightly patterned

sewn by youthful bounty

rainbow hues of primary palette  

stitched as afterthought

with promise forgotten

shown as feather in cherished cap

worn with billowed sleeve

only to be lost

on sandy shore

ripped and frayed by shifting gale

blanched pale by acid rain


As with all things cherished

love guides the mending hand

fingers vigilant

wary of shrouded thorn

stitch tight the tattered patch

pattern once boldly painted

now diverse with earthen hue

rich in the gracious light of passage

to the gentle waters of our mooring

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